Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Printer

Objects of desire

If you see something you like and would like to have it hanging on your wall…
Make no mistake, get in touch and I’m sure we can work out some kind of deal…
Money isn’t always a safe bet, lets say an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...

Enquiries: Brede Korsmo

mobile: 00(47)988 16 818


There is no such thing as a perfect print. What matters is how you get there. You have to enjoy the ride, have some fun and experience some happy accidents along the way. I see the perfect print in the imperfect and a good run in the deviant. My printing was an all out assassination on printing today… My last words: You missed a spot!

About: Fetish Prints

Fetish prints was set up in London, November 1st 1999. It was meant as an umbrella, which housed various renegade print-makers and ink fiends. My first prints were made
in the basement of the London College of Printing, Elephant & Castle. I got a helping hand from an old dopefiend named “Mast” and got going. After that, there was no turning back… You never knew what you was going to get when you lifted up that screen. That feeling never went away and that was enough for me. I was eventually forced to leave the studios, due to a grim old bitch named “Shela”. She could not bear my radical printing techniques. My days were numbered, but my desire to print was too strong. I robbed the college's paper delivery truck, cleaned out the ink cabinets and sought refuge in a grimy industrial estate in south east London. Where I operated under roof of Counterprint LTD. I thrived there for many years, but nothing lasts forever…

It was time to move on, but I didn’t want to leave empty handed, I bought the kit and was able to stash it, with the kind help of a fellow ink fiend from Middlesex named “Father Flynn” an associate of master typesetter “Lord Gossett” My kit remained at the safe house for many years, but the act of printing never left my mind. I knew one day I would be printing again and yes I could smell it…

Soon they gave me their highest honor and I was granted the key to their holy chamber, the letterpress room at Middlesex University. I used it now and again and became a fiend of those lovely woodblocks. “Astonish Me Press” was breaking new ground, way ahead of the game. They used lasers and heavy digital technology to carry out ancient tasks. I must admit I got a boner at the time, but I wanted to be able to work more freely and one day I hooked up with an old dopefiend named Caliper Boy. He was still wearing diapers back then, printed on his floor and shit, but the kid had potential and soon we where driving all over town picking up gear. It was time to go to the safe house, we were greeted at the gate by Father Flynn. It was a heavy load, but I could see light in the end of the tunnel. Soon we were on our way to set up shop, once again…

The place was Jaundice Crook and I could feel my fingers getting itchy. Some construction was needed and after some delay, our shop was operational. “Bozo” was of great help and soon we were up and running.We dubbed it "Heretic Printmakers". I printed around the clock, went a little mad, but fuck it, you only lived once. I never did it for the money, I carried on until the break of dawn. I had no time to waste, I was on my way out and I could see the end on the horizon. I lived in there, day & night, an eternal struggle, a constant fight but I got there in the end, ooooh what a feeling! I chased that image for 10 years, now the last print stared back at me, reflecting my life on paper, a document, written for future generations. I was blind then, but now I can see. I smacked the last nail in my coffin and rolled it out for the final journey home to Valhalla…

A Printers honor roll

Sebastian Helling (Early bird)
Arild Tveito (Fellow worker)
Charlie Fox (The sponsor)
Tony Lee (Master Printer & best bar tender in London)
Tony & Simon from Advanced Screen Printing (Big up to the best BOLT ON in town)
Ted Talbot (Master sniffer)
Kees Maas (Amsterdams finest)
Kaspar Andreasen (The perfectionist)
Danny Flynn (the finest researcher this side of the Atlantic)
Andy Gossett (Mr Bookmark)
Dave Dabner (Mr Stubborn)
Carl Middleton (Down in Devon)
Graham Goldwater (The London Underground)
Luke Frost (Printing associate)
Jonathan Burbidge (The invisible member)
Yanni Paizis (Fellow Inkfiend)

To all my clients! Yes, I messed up your prints on purpose!

To everyone that bought my prints: It will be worth your while…

Photographic Memories

These unique prints became paintings in their own right, printed one colour at the time. They are a celebration of the photographic image & a feast of printed colour. They are an all out assault on rules and regulations today. They served as a mental sanctuary for the Artist while dealing with a increasingly difficult life outside, in the real world. They are memories of a past era and remain the Artist’s most valuable possession to this day…

Details (Photographic Memories)