Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Printers honor roll

Sebastian Helling (Early bird)
Arild Tveito (Fellow worker)
Charlie Fox (The sponsor)
Tony Lee (Master Printer & best bar tender in London)
Tony & Simon from Advanced Screen Printing (Big up to the best BOLT ON in town)
Ted Talbot (Master sniffer)
Kees Maas (Amsterdams finest)
Kaspar Andreasen (The perfectionist)
Danny Flynn (the finest researcher this side of the Atlantic)
Andy Gossett (Mr Bookmark)
Dave Dabner (Mr Stubborn)
Carl Middleton (Down in Devon)
Graham Goldwater (The London Underground)
Luke Frost (Printing associate)
Jonathan Burbidge (The invisible member)
Yanni Paizis (Fellow Inkfiend)

To all my clients! Yes, I messed up your prints on purpose!

To everyone that bought my prints: It will be worth your while…